About Simply Silk Scarves

About Simply Silk Scarves

As an American who came of age during the Vietnam War, the country of Vietnam always held a special place in my consciousness.  Even referring to Vietnam in conversation came with an array of feelings and images.

When I traveled to Vietnam in 2009 I was struck by the incredible beauty of the country as well as the genuine and friendly people.  Unfortunately, it was hard not to notice how poor many of the people were, especially in rural areas.  At the same time, I was very impressed by the traditional handiwork for sale and learned that much is still being made in rural villages, which are traditionally the social center of Vietnamese life. In recent years, large scale factory production of silk for bulk export was drawing demand away from small village weavers. I realized that I could support the local silk producers by making their work available to a broader market while raising consciousness about their way of life.

Silk is a cornerstone of Vietnamese culture, and the village of Van Phuc is known for silk.  Van Phuc has been involved in silk production for over a thousand years.  Weavers still operate from their homes, and it is estimated that more than half of the 1,300 households in the village are involved in silk production.  The village has its own handicraft guild which helps retain the traditional culture as well as ensuring fair trade practices.

I hope you will enjoy these beautiful scarves as much as we do.

Kim Kossmann